The changing role of endodontics in modern dental practice (6 hours CE)
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Dentists and even some endodontists don’t always see a connection between the terms “treatment planning” and “endodontics”.  Many of them view root canal treatment as a mindless mechanical procedure that results in white lines on a radiograph. Dr. Schwartz will share his views of endodontics as a thoughtful, carefully planned process that is completely integrated into the overall treatment plan. 

Dr. Schwartz will conduct an interactive, case-based presentation on decision-making and treatment planning for a wide variety of clinical situations.  The overall emphasis will be on the role of endodontics in multi-specialty care and how well planned and well-executed endodontic treatment can improve the outcomes in other areas of dentistry, including restorative dentistry, periodontics and implants. In addition, the long-term implications of treatment will be discussed.  He will present case histories and lead the audience through the thought process of diagnosis, case selection, endodontic considerations, restorative considerations and execution of the treatment.  He will show how he treated the patients, discuss his rationale and emphasize the importance of the “patient conversation”.  He will also discuss the use of “decision points” in treatment planning, risk/benefit/cost analysis, and “special situations”. Many long-term recalls will be presented.


Learning Objectives: At conclusion, participants should be able to discuss:


1.     Management of a wide variety of every day endodontic scenarios.  One section will be devoted to diagnosis and management of resorption.

2.     How the endodontic treatment influences the success and failure of restorative dentistry, and how the restorative dentistry affects the outcome of endodontics.

3.    A logical, organized approach to endodontic treatment planning including “pre-implant endodontics.”
4.     How Cone Beam CT has enhanced the decision-making process in endodontics.

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