Successful practices share some common factors, but there is one factor that is necessary to go to the top. This course will explore the steps necessary to have a Top-Level Practice. Steve will cover great examples in history for winning strategy development, understanding your current situation, building a world class team, developing a clear vision for success, understanding the need for SOPs, learning about one of the biggest changes in how practices grow and how to understand and monitor your results. In addition, Steve will review the lessons that are learned from the success of the Disney model and how it applies to forming a growing business with a winning team


  • Laying the framework for practice success
  • Essentials for a world class team
  • Ingredients for growing your practice
  • Understanding and monitoring your financial results.
  • Review the success lessons from the Disney Model
  • How to develop and Unstoppable team in your Dental Practice

About the Speaker:

Steven L. Barnes is a CPA with 45 years’ experience in providing consulting, planning and accounting services to professional practices.  As president of Advanced Practice Management, a licensed Certified Public Accounting Firm, he has developed a sophisticated knowledge of efficient accounting systems, use of electronic communications, hardware and software integration into a practice, and state of-the-art dental and medical practice management methods and techniques.

Steve is a recognized expert in, and serves as a consultant for dental/medical practice management and accounting in single and multi-practitioner offices.  His recognition of the needs of these practices is developed through his constant contact with clients Advanced Practice Management, and through his experience in owning and operating a medical billing company and a medical software company.

Steve has been providing lectures to the medical and dental community for over 30 years on practice management, accounting and computerization.  He has been a member of the greater central Ohio community his entire life.