Board of Directors

The Columbus Dental Society is governed by its 16 Board of Directors including Officers. The Officers’ positions are: President, Vice President, Secretary -Treasurer and Editor. Each board member is elected to serve for a 3-year term and the Officers rotate yearly. Elections are held in November each year and the installation of newly-elected officers, board members and ODA delegates is held at the society’s annual Holiday Party.

Board of Directors and Executive Council (L to R): Drs. Charles Arens, Patrick Lloyd, Julie Montgomery, James Cottle, Brian Crump, Kyle Bogan, Homa Amini, Steven Klayman, Bruce Fraser, John Mahilo, Jacinto Beard, Fred Alger, Mike Fair, Jr., Bradley Purcell. Not pictured: Drs. Cheryl Golden, John Johnson, Joseph Mess. 

2017 Board of Directors, Officers (L to R): Drs. James Cottle, Julie Montgomery, Homa Amini, Jacinto Beard, Fred Alger.

All board members are also part of the Ohio Dental Association Delegation for the House of Delegates. Elected delegates not also serving on the Board of Directors are (L to R): Drs. Denise Hering, Brittany McCarthy, Sharon Parsons, Angelo Mariotti, Helen Ashford, Benjamin Lamielle, Shelley Ridenour, Tara Haid. Also in the delegation but not present: Drs. Canise Bean, Larry Devese, Danielle Johnson, John Nusstein, Kumar Subramanian.

Columbus Dental Society Staff (L to R): Michelle Janetski, Jamie Carpenter

Columbus Dental Society Executive Director, Michael O'Toole, CAE

Radiology Team

Radiology Team (L to R): Sheri Sauer, Toni Mulford, Jamie Carpenter, Debbie Odum

2017 Officers

   Dr. Jacinto Beard, President 

     Dr. Homa Amini , President-Elect

Dr. James Cottle, Secretary

  Dr. Julie Montgomery, Treasurer

Dr. Joseph Mess, Editor   Dr. Joseph Mess, Editor

  Dr. Fred Alger, Immediate Past President  
  Dr. Sharon Parsons, ODA Secretary 

2017 Board of Directors

Dr. Charles Arens

Dr. Kyle Bogan

Dr. Brian Crump

Dr.  Mike Fair, Jr. 

Dr. Bruce Fraser

Dr. Cheryl Golden

Dr. John Johnson

Dr. Steven Klayman

Dean Patrick Lloyd

Dr. John Mahilo 

Dr. Bradley Purcell